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Parents with baseball players that are born between 9/1/2007 and 12/31/2007.  

Because of the series of changes to Little League International’s “age determination date,” these players were expecting to play the upcoming 2016 season in MPTLL’s kid-pitch National League. However, with LL having now settled on an August 31 determination date, these players are officially considered 8 years old for the 2016 season and, accordingly, would normally play in MPTLL’s machine-pitch American League. For many, playing another season in the American League will be fine. Nevertheless, if a player in this age group has done either or both of the following:

  --     Played and completed 2 spring seasons of machine pitch   and/or

  --     Played kid pitch during the 2015 fall season

then MPTLL will allow the player to try out for the kid-pitch National League for the 2016 season. Players that wish to take advantage of this exception still must attend their originally scheduled tryout in the American League and attend a second tryout in front of the National League coaches.  Following that NL tryout the League will decide if the player will be made eligible for the NL draft.  If your player is made eligible for the NL draft, then the player will be drafted and placed on a NL team.



Players considering playing 'up' in the NL need to understand the following items as part of their decision making process:

  • The age group in the National League is 9-12 years old.  These 8 year old players will be the youngest in the league.
  • Players who play up in the NL will not be eligible to make the 8 year old All-Star team.
  • Players who play up in the NL will not be eligible to make the 9 year old TOC All-Star team.
  • Players who play up in the NL will be eligible for the 9 year old District All-Star team.
  • Players who play up in the NL in 2016 will also play in the National League in 2017. 



If your player meets the criteria above, understands his options, and would like to tryout for the National League then please send an email to and include your players name and date of birth.  MPTLL will be in touch once the tryout details are determined.



If you have any questions feel free to reach out to via email.  Or if you prefer you may contact one of the following members of the MPTLL Executive Committee and they will discuss any questions in detail. Those members are:

  • Rich Little - 980-721-7908
  • Rex Brietz - 704-941-9819
  • Robert Griffin - 704-650-4348
  • Paxton Hollar - 704-287-7778
  • Jerry Hullinger - 704-560-5658
  • Kris Fetter - 704-905-7655