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AUDIENCEMPTLL Parents that registered a player for 2016 MPTLL Challenge Baseball Tryouts.


TRYOUT DATESunday, February 7, 2016


Age Determination Date – [relevant only to 10, 9, and 8 YEAR OLD TEAMS] Challenge teams use April 30 as the age determination date for each team.  Therefore, for purposes of grouping players for challenge teams,

  • 8 year olds are defined as players born between 5/1/2007 through 4/30/2008
  • 9 year olds are defined as players born between 5/1/2006 through 4/30/2007
  • 10 year olds are defined as players born between 5/1/2005 through 4/30/2006
  • 11 year olds are defined as players born between 5/1/2004 through 4/30/2005
  • 12 year olds are defined as players born between 5/1/2003 through 4/30/2004

The April 30 age determination date is a different date than the date used by Little League International. LL uses August 31 as the determination date for players born in 2006 and thereafter, while players born before that continue to have their ages determined using April 30.  As a result, some of the players in these age groups will be considered one age for the MPTLL regular season but younger age for challenge play.  Although using different ages is confusing, we believe our challenge teams will have a better experience if they’re competing against opponents with the same age range.  We understand that a few players might prefer to play ‘up’ – to play with the challenge team that is a year older than the player’s official challenge age.  Accordingly, parents are allowed to request that their player tryout for an older team.  If such a ‘younger’ player is not selected for the ‘older’ team, that player will still be considered for his regular age-group team.

If you want your child to try out for the older team, please respond to this email ( ) letting us know your intentions.


Head Coaches

The head coaches for the upcoming season:

  • 8 Year Olds:  Matt Sullivan
  • 9 Year Olds:  Greg Heaton
  • 10 Year Olds:  Rex Brietz
  • 11 Year Olds:  Allen Sherman
  • 12 Year Olds:  Jerry Hullinger

Depending on the number of interested players, there is the possibility that a second challenge team could be organized in an age group.


Tryout Details

Tryouts for the 9-12 year old teams will take place this Sunday, February 7th.  Details for each team is listed below.

  • 9 Year Olds – 2:30 pm on Wade Field
  • 10 Year Olds – 2:30 pm on New Field
  • 11 Year Olds – 1:00 pm on Wade Field
  • 12 Year Olds – 1:00 pm on New Field


  • 8 Year Olds – Tryout will take place on Sunday, February 28 on East Field at 1:30 pm.


Please make sure to have your player at the fields 15-20 minutes early so they can check-in and warm up.

If there are any questions or concerns then please direct them to